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A big heartfelt thank you to Security Thinkerz for providing instant support and offering guidance to resolve our website hacking issue. As also, Peeyosh Kumar of Security Thinkerz....Thanks man. You really came through for us. Appreciate your straightforward and helpful approach.
Sachin Parekh
Co-Founder / Stemline
For a startup the most important thing is a website, however what we overlook is the coding aspect of the same. We rely on the coders to be efficient do their work properly. The problem is technical and the end user can't do much to help themselves. We hired Security Thinkerz to assess the vulnerability of the website. They were able to point out flaws which we were not aware about. The best thing about the team is 1) They understand the requirements 2) Responsive 3)TAT is excellent! All it took was 2 days to fix the entire website. Thanks to Peeyoosh & the team we know security is an ongoing process, you can't think that just because you have fixed once you are sorted!
Mandeep Kaur
Co-Founder / Match Me Cupid
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