What is Security Thinkerz?

Security Thinkerz is a cyber security company, which offers services like vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, code analysis and founded by Web Security Enthusiast of various fields. At a fundamental level, it is an initiative for supporting & creating awareness in the field of cyber security. The Company is inspired by a guiding principle and vision of educating and providing support to one and all about the nuances of cyber-crime and the risks involved. The body provides code analysis, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, training, support and guidance to corporate.

What does Vulnerability mean?

Vulnerability is a cyber-security term that refers to a flaw in a system that can leave it open to attack. A vulnerability may also refer to any type of weakness in a computer system itself, in a set of procedures, or in anything that leaves information security exposed to a threat.

What does Penetration Testing means?

Penetration testing is a process in which the tester pose as a hacker and try to exploit the vulnerabilities, that they found during Vulnerability Assessment, So that these vulnerabilities can be patched properly.

Why I Need a vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)?

Doing business online has always been a risk. It’s a world of unforeseen traps, with vulnerabilities and threats manifesting themselves in the least expected place, at the least expected hour. With Port 80 always open for web Access there is always a possibility that a Hacker can beat your Security systems and have an unauthorized access to your network and web Applications.

WhySecurity Thinkerz?

At security Thinkerz we know that how valuable is your business and your business data is for you. So we take complete precaution about your. Also we provide the full support and guidance to our clients and help them to patch the complete vulnerabilities.

How can I get a VAPT done for my Web App/ Website / Portal ?

All you have to do is just drop us a Mail or you can call us on +91-9873-964896 and we will do the rest of the things.

Still have Questions ?

If you still have Questions or need any clarification, we would love to reply your questions and provide clarification. Please call us at +91-9873964896 or write us on info@securitythinkerz.com. We are looking forward for your questions.

Keep Your Business Secure.

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